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Name:G Series I.C Forklift
Model:G Series I.C
Product Introduction:G Series I.C Forklift

• Yanmar 4TNE98 4-cylinder 3.3L diesel engine (42.1kW)
Popular engine known for its strong performance and durability
Meets EPA and Euro Tier III emissions compliance
Cushion mounted compartment isolates the operator from vibration making him more comfortable and productive. (4)Open step and spacious foot room allow for easy access and comfortable operation for the operator.Heavy duty fabricated steer axle features hydrostatic steering and tapered roller bearings for ease of operation and long service life and is rubber mounted to the chassis to dampen vibration. (5)
All new three stage mast which features excellent forward visibility due to low profile pimary cylinder design, single lift chain and wide channel spacing. Secondary lift chains and auxiliary hydraulics are mounted at 90 degrees behind the channels so to not interfere with visibility through the mast.The mast cylinders feature internal drain lines and hydraulic cushioning for smooth, quiet operation. The fork carriage and mast channels have large side thrust rollers for strength, high reliability and are located for easy service.

Optional full-suspension seat provides world-class comfort, which is adjustable for weight, leg room and back angle. (2)The seat side hydraulic controls combine ergonomics and simplicity to provide a cost effective and reliable system that maximizes operator productivity. (2)The informative display is mounted on the tilting steer column and features: fuel level gauge, coolant temperature gauge, hour meter, fault codes, neutral indicator, turn signal indicators, system warning, battery charging fault, transmission oil temperature warning, engine oil pressure warning, park brake set indicator and glow plug indicator. (6)
The standard light package includes two front combination flood/tun signal lights and the LiuGong rear light bar which features LED turn/brake/back-up lights. (3) All electrical components use automotive style sealed connectors for high reliability.The swing-down LP tank bracket allows for easy cylinder replacement for all operators.





General Manufacturer G Series SINOLIFT 2.0T-3.5T Gasoline/LPG Forklift Specificaitons 
Model CPQ(D)20-H1                                          CPY(D)20-H1 CPQ(D)25-H1                             CPY(D)25-H1 ***** *****
CPQ(D)20-H2                                     CPY(D)20-H2 CPQ(D)25-H2                           CPY(D)25-H2 CPQ(D)30-H2                       CPY(D)30-H2 CPQ(D)35-H2                       CPY(D)35-H2
CPQ(D)20-R                                      CPY(D)20-R CPQ(D)25-R                               CPY(D)25-R CPQ(D)30-R                         CPY(D)30-R CPQ(D)35-R                         CPY(D)35-R
***** ***** CPQ(D)35-M                        CPY(D)35-M CPQ(D)35-M                        CPY(D)35-M
Power type   Gasoline / LPG
Rated capacity kg 2000 2500 3000 3500
Load center mm 500 500 500 500
Dimension Lift height                                                             H mm 3000 3000 3000 3000
Free lift height                                                     H4 mm 140 140 145 145
Fork size                                                          L*W*T mm 1070*120*40 1070*120*45 1070*125*45 1075*130*45
Mast tilt angle                                                    α/β deg 6/11 6/11 6/11 6/11
Front overhang                                                 X mm 484 489 494 500
Overall dimension Length to fork face         L1 mm 2564 2634 2775 2814
Overall width                    B1 mm 1150 1150 1236 1236
Mast lowered height         H1 mm 2050 2050 2080 2230
Mast extended height       H3 mm 4040 4040 4273 4273
Overhead guard height    H2 mm 2150 2150 2180 2180
Performance Turning radius                                                   R mm 2220 2290 2400 2490
Travel speed (full load/no load) km/h 17/19 17/19 18/19 18/19
Lift speed (full load/no load) mm/sec 470 470 430 400
Max. Gradeability % 20 20 20 15
Service weight kg 3510 3810 4320 4620
Chassis Tyre Front   7.00-12-12PR 7.00-12-12PR 28/9-15-12PR 28x9-15-14PR
Rear   6.00-9-10PR 6.00-9-10PR 6.50-10-10PR 6.50-10-10PR
Tread Front                               B2 mm 970 970 1000 1000
Rear                               B3 mm 970 970 970 970
Wheelbase                                                      Y mm 1650 1650 1700 1760
Ground clearance
(full load/no load)
Mast                                M   85/105 85/105 110/135 110/135
Frame                              F mm 140/145 140/145 170/175 170/175
Drive units & Control Engine Engine Name Code   H1 H2 R M
Rated output  kw/rpm 36.8/2600 44/2500 37/2500 37.2/2700
Rated torque  N.m/rpm 152/1600 179/1600 161/1600 142/1800
No.of cylinder   4 4 4 4
Bore*stroke(mm) mm 87.2*83 92*93 86.5*100 86*94
Displacement (L) 1.982 2.472 2.35 2.184
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