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Seasonal Offer: Extral 30% off 
[2023-3-21] (Hits56)
Here's good news for those who need electric stacker, low profile hand pallet jack, electric pallet jackread>>
How to choose the right forklift battery? 
[2023-3-7] (Hits138)
Last week, our sales manager learned about the knowledge of battery. They summarize the frequent questions about customer according to daily work. Technology experts dealt with every question for>>
Factory direct sales --Extra Long Scissor Electric Lift 
[2023-3-6] (Hits111)
Lift tables can be applied in many work places to increase productivity and safety. Loads can be elevated or lowered to optimum heights at the push of a>>
Hand Pallet Jacks to Iran Customer in SKD Type 
[2023-3-1] (Hits112)
We have delivered several hand pallet jacks to Iran customer in SKD type. SKD is a kit that consists of partially assembled parts of a hand pallet>>
What are tow tractor and how do they improve transportation? 
[2023-3-1] (Hits192)
2 UNITS tow tractor will be sent to domestic customer. SINOLIFT has unveiled a tugger train system that addresses the specific requirements of industrial customers, transporting material over longer distances efficiently, safely and>>
YL300 Electric Hydraulic Drum Rotator and Tipper 
[2023-3-1] (Hits166)
Several sets YL300 electric drum rotator was sent to Australia. We had packed the drum carrier to protect it during the transportation. It features an electric hydraulic lift and rolls on casters and>>
5 units YL600 full electric mobile drum handlers to the US 
[2023-2-10] (Hits238)
In December, 5 units full electric mobile drum handlers were delivered to the US. The loading capacity can transport 600kg drum. Drum Size can choose 30 gallon (Ø450x700), 55 gallon (Ø572x900) steel, 210L plastic. Lifting Height is up to 2400mm. read>>
Powerful diesel forklift trucks for the army applications 
[2023-2-8] (Hits230)
SINOLIFT diesel forklift trucks are sent to the South Africa customers. These forklifts will apply for the military>>
Electric Lift Crane Hook 
[2023-1-31] (Hits247)
At SINOLIFT we welcome all needs for roll lifting equipment - be that needs for standard reel lifting or more complex roll>>
Innovative Roll Lifting Equipment with rotate platform 
[2023-1-30] (Hits281)
This manual hydraulic stacker is equipped with spring rotate>>
G-Series 2.5ton Gas/LPG forklift truck 
[2023-1-12] (Hits289)
SINOLIFT Gasoline Forklift has become one of the best in China. It adopts leading design, manufacturing technology and reliable power train and hydraulic>>
Special colors, special customization 
[2022-12-20] (Hits303)
4 units hydraulic drum lifter will be sent to automation equipment company in>>
New design Mobile Scissors Lift with Towing Function 
[2022-12-14] (Hits306)
The scissor lift is special equipment for high-altitude operations with a wide range of uses. Its scissor-type mechanical structure enables the lifting platform to have higher stability after being raised, and the large working platform and higher load-beread>>
Paper Roll Clamps Designed to Deliver Perfect Rolls 
[2022-12-12] (Hits346)
Paper Roll Clamps specialized for paper rolls through mills, warehouses, newspaper publishing plants, printing houses, converting houses, harbors, forwarding companies and converting>>
Non-standard reel lifter for packaging industries in China 
[2022-12-9] (Hits331)
Sinolift offers roll transporting solutions for customers in the polyester film and plastic flexible packaging industries. Our paper roll lifter can convert roll of plastic packaging film from one automatic packing machine to another in food product factoread>>
How to install LGA no pollution manual material lift 
[2022-12-1] (Hits381)
SINOLIFT will send 20 units manual aluminum lifts to our domestic customer within a few days. It is mainly used for goods>>
feedback: peanut hydraulic drum lifter Thailand custome 
[2022-11-11] (Hits439)
Half a month ago, Thailand customer had received the peanut barrel tilters that we sent to Thailand. This customized electric drum dumper was put into production soon. We were very proud to see the pictures in use sent by the customer. Because we witnesseread>>
Russian customer 6sets Lift Tables 
[2022-11-11] (Hits484)
4sets scissor hydraulic lift table/cart and 2 electric cargo lift tables required by Russian customer have been prepared and are ready for>>
Send 3units 3ton L series diesel forklift to Madagascar 
[2022-11-9] (Hits372)
Today, 3 units 3ton L series counterbalanced diesel forklift will deliver to>>
Air Agitator Stacker with Customized Blade and Timer 
[2022-11-8] (Hits328)
We all know what an electric stacker is. But do you know what a semi-electric air agitator stacker with custom blades and timer is?read>>
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