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SINOLIFT Electric Stacker can be Used on Construction Site
Author:xingchunxia   Post Time:2022-8-18   Hits:166 

An electric stacker is a compact forklift typically used to operate in tight spaces. It is a heavy equipment typically used in industrial and manufacturing environments to lift and place wide and flat items such as pallets, pipes and slabs. Metal forks or arms extend horizontally from the vertical body of the electric stacker, and these forks move up and down on a vertical axis by using a hydraulic lift system. Wheels on the bottom of the stacker allow the operator to position the arm within or under an object in order to lift and move it to a new location or load it for delivery.

At the heart of an electric stacker is a core system that handles weight. This part of the machine can manage the lifting and holding of objects weighing several tons (over about 1,000 kg).

Stackers are also used on construction sites to move building materials. Foundation work usually requires the use of large bulldozers, but electric stackers can be used for material and building infrastructure handling. For example, pallets of bulky or oversized wall and floor assemblies can be moved with a stacker.

Consumers may see electric stackers working in larger hardware or warehouse supermarket settings. Stackers can display and retrieve bulk food and electronics for buyers, and bundles of lumber or pipes are often easier to move mechanically than manual handling. Electric stackers can be seen on roadside or public works projects, as they are ideal for small positioning but heavy components of infrastructure projects, such as concrete molds and pipes.

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