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Name:CPDS AC system Mini Electric Forklift
Product Introduction:CPDS AC system Mini Electric Forklift

The distinctive features of the new CPDS series electric three-wheel forklift feature:
• Versatility of use due to compact design and minimal operating
space requirements. Compact dimensions combined with superb
• High stability, both when stationary and cornering, due to long
wheelbase, low centre of gravity and wide tyres.
• Economy of operation, resulting from minimized maintenance costs,
e.g. Low-wear brakes.
1) Rated capacity (kg): 1500, 1800
2) Max lifting height (mm): 3000, 4000, 4500, 4800, 5500, 6000
3) Controller model: Italian SME.




Characteristics Manufactuer   SINOLIFT FORKLIFT
Model   CPDS15 CPDS18
Rated capacity kg 1500 1750
Load center mm 500
Power type   Battery
Tyres    Super elastic
No. of tyres (front/rear)   2/2
Dimensions Lift height                                                                   B                  mm 3000 3000
Free lift height                                                           E                      mm 130 130
Fork size                                                                   NxUxL           mm 35×100×920 35×120×920
Upright tilt(forward/backward)                              K/T   deg 5/7
Overall dimensions Length to fork face(with forks) mm 2780 2830
Length to fork face(without fork)    J mm 1860 1910
Wheel width mm 1050
Overall width                                     W       mm 1070
Height with mast lowered              C mm 1980
Height withmast extended              A mm 3945
Height of overhead guard               D mm 1990
Turning radius(outside)                                          P               mm 1500
Front overhang                                                         G                      mm 360
Right-angle store aisle (pallet 800x1200,1000x1200)            RASA mm 2860/3060 2910/3110
Performance Travel speed(with/without load)                                                   km/h 13.2/14.3 12.8/14
Lifting speed(with/without load) mm/sec 300/470
Lowering speed(with load) mm/sec 450
Max. pulling force  KN 14.84 13.08
Grade ability(with load) % 20 19
Weight Service mass(including battery) kg 3100 3260
Load per axle Full load (front/rear) kg 4020/560 4300/640
Without load (front/rear) kg 1540/1540 1480/1740
Chassis Tyres size Front   18×7-8 PR
Rear   16×6-8 PR
Wheel base                                                                                 F                                      mm 1295
Wheel tread Front                     Q                        mm 895
Rear                      S                        mm 205
Ground clearance Mast                      H                         mm 80/85 75/85
(full load/without load) Frame                   M                          mm 100/110
Service brake   Hydraulic
Power unit Battery Type   Ironclad plates
Voltage/capacity V/Ah 48/505
Mass kg 850
Electric motor Traction, power kw 5.5×2
Lift,power kw 8
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