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Name:G Series Gas LPG Forklift
Model:G Series Gas LPG
Product Introduction:G Series Gas LPG Forklift

G Series Internal combustion balance weight forklift

#The G series is built to international standards,and to boost your productivity,consider this,the drive train is powered by an indigenous,
Powerful engine that is environment friendly.And an indigenous powershift automatic torque converter transmi-sion with soft touch electric gear shift and inching control for precise load and truck movements.with travel speeds of up to 20km/h and lift/lower speeds of 0.5m/set;with gradeability of up to 20%,few forklifts can match the G series in performance. You also have lifting height options up to 6 meters and a range of fitments and attachments such as clamps for paper reels, drums,bales,etc.

#With its unsurpassed travel speed,you can service more stations faster.
The lifting and lowering speeds are faster.The small turning radios ensure that you move between aisles fasters.your operations can work smarter as there is better visibility and comfort at all times.And with cycle times reduced you will see how the G series can do wonders to your productivity.

#Of all the features in the G series,comfort comes first.No other vehicle offers your operator more comfort.check this out.An isolated operator’s cell with adjustable steering wheel and operator’s seat,and a seat belt for safety.Spaccious leg room.soft touch accelerator and brake pedal for fatigue free operation. Cowl mounted angled hydraulic control levers so that the oper-ator does not have to ‘reach out’.A solenoid switch shuts offer vengine effortlessly.Feather touch power steering that makes maneuvering a pleasure.And an adjustable steering where the tilt can be adjusted to suit the operator.

#An operator cell placed on rubber mounts absorbs engine vibration.
Special insulation under the engine hood and foam beading work together to keep out the heat and sound.All of which ensures that your operator gives you twice as much for half the effort.

#Safety is another features that you can take for granted with the G series ,It has a neutral start switch that prevents the vehicles from starting in gear. The brake fluid levels can be monitored by the operator at all times.And it also comes with load lowering control valve and hose burst valve and hose burst valve that takes care of any emergencies .G series also include LPG fueled trucks where emissions are only what you get in the kitchen.The G series engines conform to US EPA Tire II and EURO II norms.

#The truck has minimal emission,noise and vibrations ,Which in fact conforms to the SINOLIFT philosophy of technology that is not just user-friendly but also eco –friendly.

#The G series has been designed to ensure minimum servicing.A coolant based system helps you fill it and forget it.An easy-to-see container helps you monitor the brake fluid And a unique testing facility helps you check the functioning of the LED indicators on the
dashboard panel.Besides,the single piece engine hood is equipped with a gas spring for easy service access.The presence of a lateral power steering reducces the number of moving parts.The sub –assemblies are accessible and weld laid out. All of which means that with the G series you are assured of maximum uptime.






General Manufacturer G Series SINOLIFT 2.0T-3.5T Gasoline/LPG Forklift Specificaitons 
Model CPQ(D)20-H1                                          CPY(D)20-H1 CPQ(D)25-H1                             CPY(D)25-H1 ***** *****
CPQ(D)20-H2                                     CPY(D)20-H2 CPQ(D)25-H2                           CPY(D)25-H2 CPQ(D)30-H2                       CPY(D)30-H2 CPQ(D)35-H2                       CPY(D)35-H2
CPQ(D)20-R                                      CPY(D)20-R CPQ(D)25-R                               CPY(D)25-R CPQ(D)30-R                         CPY(D)30-R CPQ(D)35-R                         CPY(D)35-R
***** ***** CPQ(D)35-M                        CPY(D)35-M CPQ(D)35-M                        CPY(D)35-M
Power type   Gasoline / LPG
Rated capacity kg 2000 2500 3000 3500
Load center mm 500 500 500 500
Dimension Lift height                                                             H mm 3000 3000 3000 3000
Free lift height                                                     H4 mm 140 140 145 145
Fork size                                                          L*W*T mm 1070*120*40 1070*120*45 1070*125*45 1075*130*45
Mast tilt angle                                                    α/β deg 6/11 6/11 6/11 6/11
Front overhang                                                 X mm 484 489 494 500
Overall dimension Length to fork face         L1 mm 2564 2634 2775 2814
Overall width                    B1 mm 1150 1150 1236 1236
Mast lowered height         H1 mm 2050 2050 2080 2230
Mast extended height       H3 mm 4040 4040 4273 4273
Overhead guard height    H2 mm 2150 2150 2180 2180
Performance Turning radius                                                   R mm 2220 2290 2400 2490
Travel speed (full load/no load) km/h 17/19 17/19 18/19 18/19
Lift speed (full load/no load) mm/sec 470 470 430 400
Max. Gradeability % 20 20 20 15
Service weight kg 3510 3810 4320 4620
Chassis Tyre Front   7.00-12-12PR 7.00-12-12PR 28/9-15-12PR 28x9-15-14PR
Rear   6.00-9-10PR 6.00-9-10PR 6.50-10-10PR 6.50-10-10PR
Tread Front                               B2 mm 970 970 1000 1000
Rear                               B3 mm 970 970 970 970
Wheelbase                                                      Y mm 1650 1650 1700 1760
Ground clearance
(full load/no load)
Mast                                M   85/105 85/105 110/135 110/135
Frame                              F mm 140/145 140/145 170/175 170/175
Drive units & Control Engine Engine Name Code   H1 H2 R M
Rated output  kw/rpm 36.8/2600 44/2500 37/2500 37.2/2700
Rated torque  N.m/rpm 152/1600 179/1600 161/1600 142/1800
No.of cylinder   4 4 4 4
Bore*stroke(mm) mm 87.2*83 92*93 86.5*100 86*94
Displacement (L) 1.982 2.472 2.35 2.184
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