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Name:CDD-A hi-lift Full Electric Stacker
Product Introduction:CDD-A hi-lift Full Electric Stacker

1.Triplex mast 4.5m with free lifting
2.Capacity 1500kg.
3.Lifting height 4500mm/5500mm
4.Full free lifting height 1500mm.
5.Heavy duty design with top quality mast construction.
6.Powerful drive wheel and power unit made in Europe.
7.Top quality electronic control system from Curtis.
8.Conforms to EN 1757-1:2001, EN1727.
9.Weight of the battery: 230kg.
10.can be with platform 480×450mm.




Model   CDD1.2A CDD1.5A
Standard (CDD-A)   CDD1.2A/45 CDD1.2A/55 CDD1.5A/45 CDD1.5A/55
With Stand-On Platform  (CDD-A-T)   CDD1.2A/45T CDD1.2A/55T CDD1.5A/45T CDD1.5A/55T
With wide Straddle Leg (CDD-A-W)   CDD1.2A/45W CDD1.2A/55W CDD1.5A/45W CDD1.5A/55W
Capacity Q kg 1200 1500
Load Center                     C mm 600
Min. Fork Height mm 90
Max. Lifting Height             H3 mm 4500 5500 4500 5500
Free Lifting Height mm 1550 1717 1550 1717
Min. Height of Stacker        h1 mm 2175 2508 2175 2508
Max .Height of Stacker       h4 mm 5373 6373 5373 6373
Fork Length mm 1150
Overall Length  L CDD-A,CDD-A-T mm 2175
CDD-A-W mm 2507
Overall Width   B CDD-A,CDD-A-T mm 940
CDD-A-W mm 1080
Single fork width         N CDD-A,CDD-A-T mm 160
CDD-A-W mm 100
Fork Width    M CDD-A,CDD-A-T mm 560 steel plate forks 
CDD-A-W mm 200-950mm adjustable forged plate forks
Overal width of legs CDD-A,CDD-A-T mm 720
CDD-A-W mm 1197-1502
Min.Turning Radius mm 1525
Traveling speed (Loaded/Unloaded) km/h 5.2/6.8
Lifting speed (Loaded/Unloaded) mm/s 127/170
Lowering speed (Loaded/Unloaded) mm/s 150/128
Motor Traveling kw/v 1.2/24
Lifting kw/v 3.0/24
Front wheel mm Φ78x70
Balance wheel mm Φ150x75
Drive wheel mm Φ250x80
Battery Ah/V 240/24 230kg
Battery Charger V/A 24/30
Net Weight (without battery) CDD-A kg 1530 1548 1630 1648
CDD-A-T kg 1533 1552 1633 1652
CDD-A-W kg 1580 16000 1683 1700
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